Ultra Pro - Pro Binder Card Holder 20 x 9-Pocket Pages (Holds 360 Sleeved Cards)

  • £13.95

Ultra Pro's Pro-Binder are the perfect solution to both organising your card collection and protecting it. 
Acid-Free NON PVC archival safe 9 pocket pages which hold up to 360 sleeved cards. Embossed middle black web material frames cards and side loading pocket design for added card protection. 

Type: Pro-Binder

Size: 20 x 9-Pocket Pages

Suitable For: Pokemon; MTG; Force of Will; Weiss Schwarz; Vanguard; Luck & Logic; FFG LCG's; and many more.....

Colour: Multiple Colour Choose from Above

Quantity: Holds 360 Sleeved Cards

Extra information: Archival-Safe; Acid-Free; Non PVC.