Ultra Pro Matte Card Sleeves 50x2-Deck Protector Standard Size- Pokemon MTG

  • £4.50

Ultra Pro's card sleeves are premium deck protectors which keep your cards in great condition, make shuffling easier and add a bit of colour plus style to your cards.

Want to be at the top of your game and be known as the best in the world? Then you will need these opaque sleeves to enter the championships and be heralded as the best!

Type: Standard sleeves w/ Matte finish

Size: 66mm x 91mm

Suitable for: MTG, Pokemon, W/S, Force of Will, Luck and Logic, LCG's and many more

Colour: (Choose colour above)

Quantity: 50 individual card sleeves Per Pack x2

Extra information: Archival-Safe; Acid-Free; Ultra Pro hologram quality sealed.