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Tragedy Looper - Cosmic Evil Expansion by Z Man Games

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Product Description

This second Tragedy Looper expansion adds a new Basic Tragedy Script, and nine scripts that take on two new Tragedy Sets: Prime Evil and Cosmic Mythology.

In Prime Evil, experience a classic horror movie setting where vampires, werewolves, zombies, and mass murderers attempt to kill the Protagonists.

Forbidden magic from an ancient time awaits in Cosmic Mythology. Protagonists must venture forth and learn to wield the wicked knowledge of the universe to save themselves.

Be warned though, those who’ve brushed the tip have succumbed to madness! New characters, roles, plots, and incidents will keep you guessing as to what is going on.

This expansion set also includes a guide to help you integrate Cosmic Mythology’s new intrigues and characters into your Tragedy Looper script creation.

Players: 2 - 4     Age: 14+     Avg. Play Time: 120min


What do you get...


- 1 Mastermind's Handbook
- 1 Player's Handbook
- 6 Character Sheets
- 2 Basic Tragedy Script Cards
- 8 Prime Evil Script Cards
- 10 Cosmic Mythology Script Cards
- 4 Summary Sheets


Condition of Item

- Brand New and Sealed
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