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Star Wars LCG: Mediation and Mastery Force Pack (60 Cards) by FFG

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Product Description

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Meditation and Mastery, the third Force Pack in the Opposition cycle for Star Wars™: The Card Game!

Throughout the Opposition cycle, the rivalries and feuds between affiliations dominate the game. The Jedi against the Sith. The Rebellion against the Galactic Empire. The galaxy’s scum and villainy against the loyal smugglers and spies. Now, with the third Force Pack in the cycle, you’ll have the chance to choose your side and battle to decide the fate of the galaxy.

Meditation and Mastery offers ten new objective sets (two copies each of five distinct sets) to players, and by doing so, it grants new options to every affiliation. Here, you’ll find new affiliated fate cards for the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Navy, alongside some of the other new fate cards introduced in this cycle. You’ll also gain the opportunity to fly and fight alongside recognizable characters from the Star Wars saga, including Wedge Antilles, Nien Nunb, and Admiral Screed. 

Players: 2    Age: 14+     Avg. Play Time: 30-60min


What do you get...

-  Star Wars Mediation and Mastery Expansion (60 cards / 3 copies of 20 Different Cards)

- Brand New and Sealed
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