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Slx Omni Link 27872HS Infra Red Extender Kit with Magic Eye

Slx Omni Link 27872HS Infra Red Extender Kit with Magic Eye

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Product Description

The Omni Link works with devices which have RF output sockets, such as Satellite receivers, freeview boxes, DVD players and more. By using the Omni link you can connect your device to a magic eye such as the Slx Link One (supplied in kit) or Labgear MRX955 allowing for the change of channel from another room or if you want your device hidden discretely in a cupboard.

Connect up to two devices to the Omni link, such as your DVD player and Sky box. This will allow you to control both devices from the second room in your house giving you more freedom to watch what you want. 
  • Compatible with most IR controlled equipment including all Sky™/Sky+™ digital satellite receivers and Freeview™ receivers
  • Powered from the RF2 output on a digital satellite receiver or 12VDC power adaptor supplier
  • LED indicator shows correct operation
Please Note: Omni link can only work with devices that have RF output sockets. For devices which do not, please see Labgear MRX700 for your solution: 

What is in the box

- Omni Link coax adaptor
- 1 SLx Link infra red sensor and coax adaptor
- infra-red extender cable with 3 infra-red eyes
- 1 12VDC power adaptor


Condition of Item

- Brand New