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Slx Gold 1 Way Plug-Thru Signal Booster

Slx Gold 1 Way Plug-Thru Signal Booster

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Product Description


SLx Gold 28100HSG aerial amplifier / booster both increases and improves TV, DAB Digital Radio, Cable, Satellite and FM signals. With one input and one output, you can boost the signal to one TV. 28100HSG requires power by plugging straight into a three-pin mains socket. With its plug-thru design you will not lose your plug for other devices. It has a variable gain control which allows you to adjust the gain (amplification strength or boost) of the unit from 00 – 14dB.

  • Integrated 4G filter removes interference and channel loss from your TV caused by 4G mobile phone signals
  • Single FM/DAB/UHF input, 1 combined FM/DAB/UHF outlet
  • Boosts signals even in poor reception areas
  • Variable gain control – allows signal strength to be adjusted for optimum performance
  • Built in Surge Protector, with auto reset function

Key Features

Frequency: UHF: 470-790MHz VHF:30-300MHz

Input / Output: IN 1 / OUT 1

Gain: 14 dB

Noise Figure: < 4 db


What is in the box

- Plug-Thru 1 Way Aerial Amp

Condition of Item

- Brand New