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Philex Gold 28103HSG 4 Way TV/SKY Aerial Booster 4G

Philex Gold 28103HSG 4 Way TV/SKY Aerial Booster 4G

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Product Description


SLx Gold 28103HSG aerial amplifier / booster both increases and improves TV (Freeview + Freeview HD), Satellite, DAB Digital Radio and FM signals. Two inputs (FM / UHF) and four outputs lets you boost signal to 4 TVs. The 28103HSG does require mains power and comes fitted with a standard three-pin plug for UK use. Extra protection for your system with two warning lights "Surge", "Spike & Short Circuit". With gold plated connections you get the best signal distribution possible.

SLx Gold 28103HSG has a built-in digital by-pass for working with magic eyes. Infra-red extenders allow you to control your TV/SKY/Receiver from within a cupboard or from another room. Check out our two listings for MRX955 and 27833R as examples of magic eyes. 

  • Integrated 4G filter removes interference and channel loss from your TV caused by 4G mobile phone signals
  • Digital by-pass allows booster to work with magic eyes (Magic Eyes sold separately)
  • Boosts signal from either: Freeview turner/DVD player/Satellite receiver/FM or DAB radio
  • Single FM/DAB and UHF input, 4 combined FM/DAB/UHF outlets
  • Boosts signals even in poor reception areas
  • Free standing or wall mountable
  • Surge, Spike & Short circuit protection
  • Flat gain response across full frequency spectrum ensures optimum digital reception
  • TETRA Filters reduce interference from emergency service radio

Key Features

Inputs / Outputs: 2 Inputs / 4 Outputs

Frequency Range: UHF 470-790MHz   VHF: 30-300MHz

Gain per Split: 12dB

Noise Figure: <4dB

Connectors: Coax Push Type (RF Type)


What is in the box

- 4 Way Aerial Amp
- Set up Diagram

Condition of Item

- Brand New