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Millennium Blades - Crossover Mini-Expansion Card Board Game

Millennium Blades - Crossover Mini-Expansion Card Board Game

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Bring your favorite Level 99 Games characters to Millennium Blades!

This is an Expansion. Millennium Blades is required to play.

2-5 Players

Play Time: 120-180 minutes

Intensity: High

Designed by D. Brad Talton Jr.

Illustrated by Fábio Fontes

Features 54 new cards from the Level 99 Games universe, including Mystic Empyrean, Seven Card Slugfest, Grimoire Shuffle, Power Play, Master Plan, and more!


Players: 2 - 5    Age: 12+     Avg. Play Time: 120 mins       Type:  Expansion


What do you get...

- 7 Card Slugfest Promo Set
- Anansi and The Box of Stories Promo Set
- Grimoire Shuffle Promo Set
- Power Play Promo Set
- Variant Souls Promo Set
- Sellswords Promo Set
- Master Plan Promo Set
- Mystic Empyrean Promo Set
- Commedia Del Arte Promo Set

Condition of Item

- Brand New and Sealed
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