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Labgear FBS138 8 Way TV Aerial Sky Splitter

Labgear FBS138 8 Way TV Aerial Sky Splitter

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Product Description


FBS138 aerial splitter allows you to split one aerial signal to eight TVs. The FBS138 has a very lightweight and compact housing that, along with the mounting screws included, makes mounting a breeze. 

  • Power pass all ports (Allowing for Magic eye use)
  • All ports are 75ohms -  f connectors
  • It has grounding terminals
  • Zinc die cast housing with a bright finish

Key Features

Frequency Range: 5-40MHz 40-1000MHz 1000-2050MHz 2050-2300MH\

Insertion Loss​: 12.0dB 12.5dB 16.0dB 18.0dB

Isolation loss:  25dB 22dB 22dB 21dB

Return Loss: 10dB 11dB 11dB 10dB


What is in the box

- 1 FBS138 8 way splitter
-Screws for mounting


Condition of Item

- Brand New