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Hordes and Heroes - Fantahzee Board Card Game by AEG

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Product Description

Fantahzee: Hordes and Heroes from Ryan Miller and AEG puts you in charge of defending the town from tons of monsters!  But you aren’t alone, you’ll be able to recruit warriors, mages, and steam-dwarves. Roll combinations to activate their abilities and bonk the monsters on their heads to earn victory points.  Defeat three of the five boss monsters and the other two run home, ending the game.  End with the most victory points to win!

What do you get...

- 95 Hero Cards
- 60 Horde Cards
- 10 Town Cards
- 9 Treaure Cards
- 20 Six sided Dice
- 3 Doom Tokens
- 1 Last Player Token
- 1 Rulebook


Condition of Item

- Brand New and Sealed
All of our Board Games are brand new and sealed.