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Exceed Fighting System - Red Horizon - Reese & Heidi VS Vincent & Nahtali Cards

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Product Description

Exceed is an easy-to-learn 2 player head-to-head fighting card game. Matches take approximately 10-20 minutes, with decks that are small enough to fit in your pocket. It brings to life the speed, tactics and variety of high stakes fighting action. Choose your fighter and enter the arena! There are no packs to open or rares to chase - get everything you need to play right here!

Exceed is broken up into "Seasons" each Season contains 16 new fighters from various franchises, packaged into 4-character boxes.

This set features 4 characters from the world of Red Horizon: Reese, Heidi, Vincent, and Nehtali, as well as all materials you need to play.

Reese - A member of a secret order sworn to defend the world from evil, Reese uses rushdown tactics to corner and outpace his rivals. 

Heidi - A mechanical genius who fights on her own and with th help of a giant robot! Build up your power and tinker your way to victory!

Vincent - The sinister president of the United States Vincent utilizes high-tech power armour and psychic insight to control the battle!

Nehtali - A diabolic emissary from the wold beyond, Nehtali corrupts her foes with false gifts of power, then uses that power against them!

Players: 2     Age: 12+     Avg. Play Time: 10-20min


What do you get...

117 Cards
- 20 Foiled Cards

- Rulebook


Condition of Item

- Brand New and Sealed
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